Flametect C-WD

Flametect CWD. Performs by rapidly converting timber & timber based products to carbon when subjected to a flame or a high intensity heat source. CWD is Clear, Colourless Impregnation and will not discolour, wood or other wood type materials.

Acheives BS476 Class 0 & 1 Euro-Class Equivalent .(Euro-class "B-s1-d0" & BS 476  PART 6 & 7 UK Class "O" are recognised as equal performance criteria) 

Test Report Class 1    Test Report Class 0 

Flametect CWD. Contains environmentally friendly components that assists the active flame retardant components to deeply penetrate the wood.

This Treatment is used on bare or absorbent wood it will penetrate stains and tanalised finishes. Painted or varnished woods are not suitable for this product. This product "is not" suitable for upgrading standard to doors to "fire doors"!

Flametect CWD. "locks in" the flame retardant components using special couplers that protect the flame retardant from harsh environments leaving a weather resistant colourless product once applied & dry.   

  • Full Certification with every order traceable to A UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Produced in an ISO 9001 Quality Assured environment to exacting standards
  • Treatment rate 4 sq. metres per litre (1-3 coats).
  • Water & weather resistant
  • Water based flame retardant. No nasty solvents.
  • Non-toxic, non-irritant.                                          
  • Excellent performance on dried grasses & palm leaves
  • Suitable for spray, roller brush or immersion application.
  • Achieves B.S. 476 classes 1 & 0, B.S./EN 13823 Type B & ASTM E-84/UL723/ NFPA255
  • Can perform to M.C.A. & I.M.O specifications for charter vessels & passenger ships

A "Warrington Exova" Certifire Approved Product.


What This Means.

  • Our Manufacturing Process and Systems have been Audited and Approved.
  • Flametect CWD's Application and Performance has been verified and Witnessed in a Controlled Environment.
  • Flametect CWD has been Stringently Tested in a UKAS approved Test Facility.
  • Flametect CWD is the only aftermarket Fire Retardant Timber Treatment with the Coveted "Certifire" Approval.  
  • CERTIFIRE is an independent third party certification scheme that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of fire protection products. Recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide, it is an internationally respected mark of fire safety and one of the most authoritative in the industry.
    The fundamental benefit of CERTIFIRE is seated in giving the regulator, specifier, customer and end-user confidence with regards to the stated performance of the product and provides an informed choice when purchasing or selecting the product.
    Choosing a product that carries the mark of a reputable third-party certification body gives assurances as to the performance of the products. Using certificated products, correctly installed, provides a powerful demonstration that due diligences have been served.
    Manufacturers - For manufacturers of fire protection products and systems, CERTIFIRE offers the opportunity to differentiate products and processes from non certified equivalents thus helping to access markets worldwide.
    Specifiers - For architects, specifiers, contractors and building owners CERTIFIRE provides assurance that fire protection products and systems correctly installed will perform as required. Therefore avoiding costly mistakes and dramatically reducing risk.
    The importance of schemes like CERTIFIRE is recognised in Approved Document B of the Building Regulations (ADB). The document makes a clear recommendation for the use of third party certificated products and systems.
    With the current drive towards the implementation of the 'Construction Products Regulation' to impose mandatory CE Marking in Europe, WCL can offer CE Marking and CERTIFIRE as a package based on combined evidence.
    The WCL Technical Directory is the reference point for selecting passive fire protection products and systems. End users can be assured that listed products are fit for purpose.
Flametect C - WD
Sample Container

Available in 4 sizes 750ml Trigger Spray, 5 & 25 Liters and 1 IBC/1000 liters