Flametect C

Ideal for natural fabrics, (Cotton, Linen & Wool), Paper and Cardboard based materials. Also often used on Hay & Straw. 

This product has high active solids content of 30% compared to around 15% of our competitors products. Which means it goes further and you do not need to saturate the material being treated. This product is water soluble so not for outdoors or weather exposed use. See Flametect Nitro D for that purpose. 

  • Full Certification with every order traceable to A UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Produced In An ISO 9001 Quality Assured environment to exacting standards
  • Treats up to 15 sq. metres per litre.
  • Water based flame retardant. Completely Odourless.
  • Suitable for spray, roller or immersion application.
  • Dry clean durable 3-4 cycles (No water Injection)
  • Can achieve B.S.5867 Part 2 Type B
  • Most effective on natural materials or natural synthetic blends.
  • It is a non-toxic non-hazardous formulation , that is easy to apply.
Flametect C
Sample Container

Available in 4 sizes 750ml Trigger Spray, 5 & 25 Liters and 1 IBC/1000 liters